・From Tokyo to Ueda: about 1h 15min by Nagano Shinkansen bullet train
・From Nagoya to Ueda: about 3h 35min by Chuo-Sai Line via Shinonoi Station of Shinano Railway
・From Niigata to Ueda: about 2h 20min by Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train via Takasaki Station
・From Ueda to Bessho Onsen: about 25min by Ueda Dentetsu Bessho Line
About 30min from Ueda-Sugadaira I.C., Joshinetsu Expressway
Bus From Tokyo (Ikebukuro) to Bessho Onsen: 3h45min by Chikuma Bus (Reservation required to the company)

Bessho Onsen exist at Ueda city where has various unique aspect for its history and nature. Recommended as the fine place for your travel
in Japan to feel local Japanese atmosphere as well as the best location of the centre between Tokyo and Kyoto or Osaka.

Kitamuki-kannon Temple
This stature of the Goddess Kannon is one of the most famous tourist place at the city. Originally, people made offerings to ward off evils and to pray for good luck. In addition, there are many sightseeing spots including a big katsura tree called Aizen-katsura, which is said to be beneficial for a good marriage.
Anraku-ji and Octagonal Tower
This temple is the oldest temple in Nagano Prefecture and was built in the 13th century called ‘Hakkaku Sanju no To’ (three-storied octagonal tower) and is the only octagonal wooden tower in Japan to be recognized the first place of national treasure in Nagano Prefecture.
This temple was built by the high-ranking priest Jikaku Daishi and is the head temple of the Kitamuki Kannon temple complex. A famous 2.8- meter stone tower (an important cultural asset) stands in cedar trees on the hill at the back of the approach.
This three-stories Tower built in 14 century and now designated as a national treasure. Because of the elegance and no one can help but look back again, its called ‘Look Back Tower’. Also there are several Buddha statues and other historical legacies are preserved.
Unno-Juku (Tomi City)
Brilliant old-Japanese row of houses at the whole street where used to be a former post on the main road connecting Tokyo and Niigata within Edo period. There are many shops and restaurants inside the house to enjoy not only the view of the town, also shopping.
The magnificent three-stories pagoda and scenery of Shioda-region is recommended place when visit here. Also delicious ‘Kurumi Ohagi’(a walnut bean cake) is served inside the temple.
Ueda Castle
Built by Masayuki Sanada around 1583 puttingg up impressive defense twice from vast forces of Tokugawa. Sanada clan is admired as one of the famous Samurai family. At the moment, not only some temples or museum, also some festivals are held in each season on the premise.
Sugadaira Highland Ski Resort
Called ‘Japanese Davos’ that you can enjoy real snow skiing at the several kinds of courses. Easily access from Tokyo for around 3 hours and takes 2 hour by car from Bessho Onsen. In summer time, tracking and Golf resort are also near here.
Utsukushigahara Kogen
This highland known as ‘The most beautiful Highland in Japan’ for its 360-degreen panoramic views, brilliant mountain ranges and more than 200 different alpine flowers and plants. Also the outdoor sculpture museum has approx. 350 contemporary sculptures are the magnificent mountain art.