Total 32 rooms and maximum
of 120 guests are able to stay.
Mostly Japanese-style rooms (Tatami-floor) have all en-suite toilet and own bath-tub. Some are mix with western style beds. Guests enjoy the great view of Shioda area from their room. All the rooms set panese-amenities such as Yukata-set, green tea so on.

Room Categories:
・Japanese Style (23 ㎡)-7 rooms
・Western disable room (23 ㎡)-1 rooms
・Superior Japanese Style (35 ㎡)-12 rooms
・Deluxe Japanese Style (38 ㎡)-6 rooms
・Deluxe Japanese & Western Style (53 ㎡)-6 rooms


Original Japanese-Style
cuisine served as a course menu.
It includes 9 to 13 courses and not only
the excellent tastes and visual effects, also has a high reputation (many times awarded 100 best food Inn in Japan). The ingredients are based on ‘local production for local consumption’ so that such as some vegetables are made by ourselves and be cooked.
We mostly serve in your guest room so
that you can enjoy under the comfort
like home. Surely, we are able to
arrange for you as adapted any
allergy and vegetarian. There
is other order menu such as
Salmon Sushi or Tempura.
Please ask the staff.


Completely natural hot-
springs and effectively works for beauty as your skin makes very smooth. Also heals cuts, abrasions, bruises and neuralgia. Also works for alleviate a sick feeling to drink the hot spring water. We have 5 types of large hot-spring public bath tab. 2-inside baths (Anraku, Joraku) and 3 open-air outside baths
(Wood pine bath, stone bath and
Octagonal-shaped bath).

Basic temperature: 51.3℃
Bath temperature: 40-42℃
Quality: Sulfur spring
    (clear and colorless)
Hours: 19 hours / Day (15:00-10:00)

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  • Lounge
  • Art Street